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For Foreign Students

Find the ideal workplace for you!

Even if you’ve learned in Japan, getting a job in Japan is hard. Not only are there cultural differences, but also legal obstacles as well. You may feel anxious after hearing about the difficulties that your seniors faced.
We have good news for foreign students like you who are studying in Tohoku.
TTA is run by teachers from Tohoku University and other universities who will take care of you from the perspective of teachers.
Plus, our teachers have long experience in supporting foreign students, so they understand the hardships you face!
So what are you waiting for? Register at FEIT now!

Employment Skills Training for Foreign Students (Sendai) It’s OK if you choose to come on the day! Feel free to participate.

•Participation fee: Free
Date: December 8th 10:00~17:00
Target grade level/department: All
Things to bring: Writing materials
Attire: Fre
Enter and exit freely

Apply or contact us at
The quota is twenty students. Application is on a first-come-first-served basis, so apply as soon as possible.
You can choose to participate on the day. Feel free to come at any time you like.

Company visit event in Sendai – the trip to IRIS OHYAMA Kakuda Factory is finalized!

Participation fee: Free
Visit date: November 7th (Thu.)
Visit time: 8:20 assemble at Kawauichi Yuubinkyoku Mae ~ 12:40 arrive at Kawauchi Yuubinkyoku Mae (Morning)
Target grade level/department: All
Things to bring: writing materials
Clothing:  formal wear for interviews or similarly appropriate wear

Schedule for November 7th (Thu.)

8:20 Assemble at Kawauchi Yubinkyoku Mae (be on time)
8:30 Departure from Kawauchi Yubinkyoku Mae
10:00 Arrival at IRIS OHYAMA Kakuda Factory
  Factory visit, lecture by the human resources department, question and answer time
11:30 Departure from IRIS OHYAMA Kakuda Factory
12:40 Kawauchi Yubinkyoku

Apply or contact us at 
The quota is 20 students. The due date is September 1st (Fri)
We will close off applications as soon as we reach the quota. So hurry!

Joint matching fair

We will open a joint matching fair in Sendai and Morioka around January 2014.
Many of the top small and medium businesses in Tohoku will participate!
Hear about the company directly from the president and the responsible people.

Skills training

What is it like to work for a small or medium business?
How is it different from a large business?
Why do small and medium businesses have more advanced techniques?
The secret to the true strength of Japan's economy lies in small and medium businesses. TTA provides skills training for foreign students studying in Tohoku!
By registering at FEIT, you can participate in our exclusive skills training programs for free!

Individual consultation (matching)

Of course, if you find a company you like at FEIT, you don’t have to wait for the joint matching fair – contact TTA!
We might be able to provide additional information as well.

Features and merits

1.We are an enterprise that specializes in small and midsized businesses situated in the Tohoku area.
2.You can meet the top foreign students and foreign personnel in the Tohoku area.
3.As our enterprise is financially assisted by the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency, you can use most of our services for free.
4.We have a long track-record of supporting small and midsized businesses in the Tohoku area.

Showcase (program examples)

Some examples on how to get the most out of FEIT!

Skills training

Date: TBA
Place: TBA
Participation fee: Free