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For Foreign Employees

Mutual support and information exchange site for foreign personnel

For the approximately 2000 active foreign personnel located in the Tohoku area.
Do you know why the alien registration system was replaced by resident cards?
Did you know that you are now recorded on the basic resident register, and do you know what advantages that has for you?
What is the highly skilled personnel point system?
Join us in creating a website full of information that will make the Tohoku area a more comfortable home for you.


Specifically, we are calling for workshop members in the six prefectures of the Tohoku region to build an information exchange website. At the information exchange website, foreigners living in the Tohoku region can publish information by category relating to their life, work and family, allowing them to share information and mutually support each other. At the website building workshop, we will consider the necessary kind of content. Furthermore, we will gather information about where to go to acquire the necessary kind of information. Contribute to the internationalization of your region while working.
See below for further details on the program.

Features and merits

1.Participation-based. Realize your ideals directly.
2.Our Tohoku-based team will support you.


[Workshop schedule]
Meeting schedule

8/31 (Sat.) Sendai: NAViS
9/7 (Sat.) Koriyama: Big-i
9/21 (Sat.) Aomori: Aomori Chuo University
9/21 (Sat.) Yamagata: Yamagata Terrsa
10/5 (Sat.) Akita: ALVE, Morioka: Aiina

•First progress report meeting 10/19 (Sat.)

•econd progress report meeting 11/16 (Sat.)

•Result presentation meeting 12/7 (Sat.)

*Each meeting will take approximately four hours