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Communicate your strengths to the world!

TTA is run by educators. We love our students and we love the Tohoku area.
Foreign students educated in the Tohoku region come to work for the top companies in Tohoku. The juniors of those students follow in their footsteps and come to Tohoku learn. That virtuous cycle contributes to the revitalization of Tohoku. - That has been the dream driving our activities for the past few years. We are glad that our efforts have been recognized and we have been selected as the project implementers for the "Project for Securing and Stabilizing Foreign Personnel for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (Tohoku Block)" conducted by the National Small and Medium Business Association Business Square of the Small and Medium Business Agency.
Of course, the aim of education is not only employment.
However, we believe that if we can provide an environment where students can make the best use of what they have learned in Japan, then the more talented and ambitious students will select Tohoku as an attractive place to learn.
We strive to closely collaborate with the educational institutions in Tohoku, making the project a success. We wish for your advice and support.

Liaison Conference

We are creating a loose collaboration between groups that are sympathetic to our cause to exchange information.
Through a liaison conference between industry, government and education that includes the respective institutions of higher learning in the Tohoku region, industry groups, relevant institutions, local government, and local businesses, we aim to promote the sharing of information and mutual collaboration in the Tohoku region as a whole while respecting the unique initiatives conducted in the respective areas of Tohoku. Currently we are beginning with the sharing of information via mailing list. We eagerly await your participation.
It is not required that you currently hold foreign students or foreign personnel. Participation of only your department/section is also possible.

Advertise within your school

We encourage employment placement departments and foreign student-related departments of institutions of higher learning to take advantage of our program.
We have prepared leaflets introducing our project to hand to foreign students at your school, and posters for free use. We only have limited stock, so if you are interested, don't hesitate to contact us.
TTA's office is located at a three-minute walk from Sendai station. Feel free to visit us.

Personal consultations

Our project deals with the future of your valued students. We take what we do seriously.
We understand the concerns of educators who are responsible for foreign students, such as “How did that student's interview go?” “Did that student succeed in finding a company that suits his strengths?”
By collaborating with the institutions of higher learning, we strive to achieve success. Please feel free to consult us about anything.


1.We are also teachers teaching foreign students.
2.We are a participating group of the Academic Consortium of Sendai.
3.We have a long track-record of supporting foreign students in the Tohoku area.
4.We have a long track-record of supporting small and midsized businesses in the Tohoku area.

Skills training

About our skills training program.
Job-hunting in Japan is unique. Our training program helps foreign students promote themselves effectively.
To date, we have provided training for many foreign students, including those studying at Tohoku University, and the placement rates of those students are an amazing 100%. During the job-hunting season, many foreign students come to our office at TTA.
We have been providing our services for free until now, but our resources have been limited. However, now that we can implement our program with aid from the government, we will continue to provide our prided training services for free.
Our program will help alleviate the burden on teachers responsible for foreign students. Please feel free to utilize our services.

Liaison Conference for the Training and Utilization of Foreign Personnel (Liaison Conference)

Currently, the movement to participate in the liaison conference is expanding around the academic Consortium of Sendai TTA is participating. Educational institutions that will accept foreign students and educational institutions that do not accept foreign students can participate. Please join us.